Crypto Currency

This is a basic description of Crypto Currency trading.
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Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency is a currency that generates a new coin using a password or mediates the transaction safely. So we see this crypto currency as a digital currency or a kind of virtual currency. In 2009, a bit coin called the first crypto currnecy appeared, and since then, a lot of crypto coins such as ethereum, Lite-coin, Ripple, Monero, and Ada have appeared and are constantly growing.


Crypto Currnecy exists in a virtual space in the real world because it is not issued by a bank or government. In other words, it means money used in virtual space without government control. Crypto Currency is digitally mined, with a gradual decline in production and a system of controlled flow. After Bitcoin becomes an issue, it is attracting attention as it emerges as a new investment instrument among investors.






<Features and investment value of Crypto Currency>


- With the advent of Crypto Economy, Crypto Currency has more volatility than other asset products. Therefore, there is a high expectation for greater profits from traders investing.


- Crypto Currency is based on block-chain technology and is only changed by demand and supply.


- Users who trade Crypto Currency on a common exchange can buy a Crypto Currency and earn a profit only when the price rises. However, users who use Formax time trading can get profit by entering the buy / sell market even in the case of rising prices and falling prices.


- Trading at Formax Time will proceed with a Crypto Currency transaction in USD, so you can trade smoothly with or without a Crypto Currency wallet. In addition, by eliminating the Crypto Currency conversion process like existing exchanges, users can participate more actively.