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Trading Coin

Formax Time provides a proven and reliable trading service for Crypto Currency. At present, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash are free to deal with all three Crypto Currency transactions. There are Bitcoincash, Bitcoingold, Litecoin, etc., which will be added later based on fluidity and safety. In addition to the above six coins, after the Formax time verification, the type of Crypto Currency that will be available for trading will continue to increase.


1. Start of Crypto Currency, Bitcoin

Bitcoin refers to the online Crypto Currency that was created by combining bits, which are the basic unit of digital information, and coins, which means coins. Because it is the method used for interpersonal transactions (P2P), not for a particular individual or company, all those who create, trade, and cash convert Bitcoin are in the form of Bitcoin issued shares. Currently FormaxTime offers Bitcoin Trading. Bitcoin Trading is the Crypto Currency, which is actively participated by users with the most volume of trading.


2. Crypto Currency The next generation, Ethereum

Ethereum is a cloud computing platform or programming language based on block-chain technology.
Ethereum has the most important feature that a contract is made. Ethereum goes beyond the simple concept of money and makes it possible to contract through various programming. In addition, security has been enhanced by using distributed storage, which is the core of the block chain. According to a survey of actual Crypto Currency information providers, about 94% of the 1,000 Crypto Currency users are evaluating Ethereum as positive.


3. Image up from Dark Coin, Dash

Dash is a more evolved coin among the encrypted Crypto Currency, characterized by the strongest anonymity. Because it is strong in anonymity, it is called a dark coin, and the name is changed to a dash coin to raise the image.
Dash is faithful to the function of money only. It can be seen that it is developing the character of Bitcoin, and it has been attracting attention as a coin that will develop the best e-commerce token in the world in the future and solve the problem of instant transaction and settlement faced by Bitcoin.

FormaxTime offers margin trading for the above three coins. Available leverage is up to 10 times. We are trying to support users so that users can start trading with small amount and earn the maximum profit.

At coin trading, spreads are applied to each coin, and spreads can vary depending on market conditions.

Most importantly, FormaxTime offers free crypto currency trading fees. FormaxTime is dedicated to helping many users get the most out of their free commissions and maximize their profits.